These candles are very powerful and make with the magnetism of 7 power of wealth. The holder of these candles will never be poor .a every time he goes to light it in his house every morning and every evening before sleep, he will be rich and very prosperous only in less than 15 days.
Strengthen spirituality, and use in the divination ritual. The white candle is associated with Monday. he and advise not to practice rituals on full moon monday.the cancer and the astrological sign of this candle.the corresponding planet has this candle and the moon. Neutralizes the negative effects of conspiracies and ritual pronounce against you. Advantage spirituality the blue candle is associated with Tuesday. Fish and sagittarius are the astrological sign of this candle. The planet corresponding to this candle is March. Use for rituals associated with peace in couples and in the family, or between friends or enemie.elle is also use for the protection and dreams premoditoires.cette candle is associated with Friday.the planet corresponding to these blue candle is Venus. Use in rituals that serve to attract the influence of cosmic forces. The golden candle associated with Thursday.
NB With these 4 candles you will always have at first peace of heart and be protected against any kind of bewitchment and sorcery. The set of these 4 candles will give you a very strong power against anything evil.
Happiness, success, renown, will be for you in all your projects.
PRICE: 380 €

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