first I want to say that I never believed all of that, but our little
brain perceives no further than a fish through its aquarium compared to the unknown vastness
Here I am writing to tell you about the mishap that made me change my mind
the day of my wedding my husband and I bought a house in Longue-ville 46 rue maxime quevy to be precise in the north of France.
My mother for a frivolous argument which I no longer remember threatening us with witchcraft
this is what we experienced my husband and me on the evening of our first wedding day
I saw myself above my bed and saw myself sleeping, then I saw myself above the lampposts
from my street then I felt compelled to wake up, I could not do it yet I forced myself to
when i woke up i could hear myself moaning and i was strangling my husband it was him
who woke me when I woke up I felt my eyes come back
My husband saw my eyes he returned and white the next day we saw my husband and I
flames at the end of our bed I never dared to talk about it for fear of not being believed, myself
only I will think of a psychological fact which is beyond doubt in my mind and do it
that when I saw the flames at the end of my bed my husband saw them too I thought of a
group psychology or whatever always is it that I never believed in such things now
with what we have experienced I am more open-minded about his things my husband suggested that I consult a medium.
By searching the net we finally came across MEDIUM ATIMAN after the failure of several others
thanks to the works of His Majesty MEDIUM ATIMAN you will never understand anything happened to us again.
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